Thanks to You,
We Did It!


With your help, we have donated 1 million meals to help end child hunger in the U.S., and helped change the lives of children one meal at a time. As the 2016 campaign closes, we thank you for your support!

The Bigger Picture
Since 2012, we have been able to donate over 10 million meals thanks to your support.

You've Helped Us Achieve Our Goal

As we complete the 2016 campaign and look at the tremendous success of the program in donating over 10 million meals over the years, we see the overwhelming willingness our consumers have to get involved. So while Child Hunger Ends Here® is drawing to a close, we encourage your continued involvement in helping to raise awareness of the issue of hunger in the U.S.

We celebrate all that has been achieved by Child Hunger Ends Here, which could have only been accomplished through the dedication of people like you and the Feeding America® network of food banks.

Thank you.

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