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Hunger in America

We don't always see the face of hunger. While hunger and poverty often go together, families dealing with food insecurity aren't always living on or below the poverty line. Take a closer look at hunger statistics in America, and in communities like yours.

Child Food Insecurity in America

From coast to coast, people in rural, suburban, and urban communities in all 50 states are affected by child food insecurity. People just like your neighbors or kids in your child's classroom.

More than one in four latino children in the U.S. are living in food insecure households
In nearly all counties, food-insecure kids live in households whose incomes keep them from nutrition assistance.
In almost every county, kids are more at risk of food insecurity than the general population.

Map the Meal Gap

What is food insecurity? The USDA measures food insecurity as the periodic lack of access to enough food for all household members, or the uncertain availability of foods that are adequately nutritious.

Visit Feeding America to explore—by state, county, and congressional district—what food insecurity looks like in America today.

How You Can Help

The simplest way to help end child hunger is to look for the red pushpin and enter the code from specially marked packages of ConAgra Foods brands.

You also can donate to a local food bank, start a food drive of your own, raise awareness in your community, and much more.

And remember to invite your friends through Facebook® to be a part of the movement.

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